Hornady overhauls www.hornady.com – check it out!

Hornady has always had a pretty good website, but if you browse www.hornady.com, you’ll notice a completely new layout, and additional media (video intros, etc). Overall, the new website is cleaner, more streamlined, and is easier to browse.

Sample screenshot:
New Hornady Website

If you want to go straight to the reloading section, follow this link: http://www.hornady.com/reloading


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3 thoughts on “Hornady overhauls www.hornady.com – check it out!”

  1. Sir:

    Is the ammunition for a 280 remington available in the Hornady Superperformance ( GMX) I read about it in the latest Hunting Magazine from Petersens.

    Thank you

    Bob Sartwell

  2. I purchased a Hornady Lock n Load for my 2 sons for Christmas last year. We reloaded 50 rounds of .270 winchester, and the overall length is correct, but they will not feed into the chamber, It seems the casing is bottoming out at the neck and wont allow the bolt to close. Any ideas?

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